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  Shandong Sino-Swiss Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, the registered capital of 30 million yuan. Located in Linyi Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, is a collection of scientific research, production and processing of magnetic materials and electronic components, devices and other products as one electronic information high-tech enterprises, the company covers an area of ​​35,000 square meters, more than 70 varieties of more than 200 kinds of specifications Soft ferrite materials and electronic components, devices. The company has the right to import and export, was listed as the focus of Linyi City to support technology enterprises, state-level high-tech enterprises, the provincial people's government to revise the planning of enterprises, ISO9001 international quality system certification enterprises, CQC certified enterprises in the industry enjoyed a good reputation The
  Since the establishment of the company, committed to the soft ferrite materials and electronic components, devices research and development and industrialization process, a number of projects included in the national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological projects, the company's existing invention patents 6, utility model Patent 7, 4 design patents. Recently, the company is using the University of scientific research institutes and their own technological advantages, to build technology research and development centers for enterprise research and development and industrialization of the results to provide protection and support.
  The main products of Linyi Zhongrui are wide frequency high impedance, high frequency low loss ferrite core and related components, inductance coil; power supply (rectifier) ​​transformer, its product variety, complex specifications, is a typical variety, Small batch production type. Products are mainly manufactured by order, that is, driven by customer orders to sell production. As a result of the above characteristics, so that the production and operation of the Swiss company has many difficulties: on the one hand, the market demand fluctuations, business is too random; the other hand, the downstream manufacturers order diversity and timeliness for the production plan, , Causing greater difficulty and pressure.
  First of all, the production of Sino-Swiss products are labor-intensive production, product production processes more capacity is an important factor restricting the timely delivery of orders. In order to timely delivery and reduce costs, there are a lot of outsourcing, and the outsourcing of complex forms, both the work orders and the outsourcing process, the outsourcing of suppliers of hair, quality, billing and other control is very complicated, Simple manual management is very difficult.
  Second, in the inventory management, the Swiss company's organizational structure is the cause of the management model, under the two product divisions are the core business unit and device division. Between the cause of the supply / pick up the implementation of internal accounting. In order to better serve customers, the company established in Wujiang remote warehouse. Wujiang warehouse company to the warehouse allocation.
  According to the electronics industry, the market situation, the Swiss company's downstream customers to achieve the goal of zero inventory, the inventory passed to the supporting manufacturers. Therefore, how to have a certain inventory reserves to respond quickly to customer needs; and can not account for too much inventory of funds, the burden of heavy backing is a major problem supporting the current plant.
  Based on the above needs and problems, the leadership of the company that: the existing management and use of the system has been unable to achieve the integration and sharing of information, more difficult to adapt to the diverse needs of the market competition, to this end, the company decided to introduce ERP enterprise resource planning management System to establish a rapid information access, processing and response mechanisms to reform the traditional production organization model and management methods to optimize the business processes and resource allocation, and strive to reduce product costs, and constantly develop new products close to the market demand for Customers provide the best quality products, the best services to meet the competitive needs of supporting the market.
  First, the implementation plan
  According to the "overall planning, step by step implementation, the overall advance" principle, the Swiss company ERP system implementation is divided into the following two stages:
  The first stage:
  Implementation of the content: Invoicing management system; production management system; financial management system;
  Implementation objectives: to achieve internal logistics, capital flow and information flow of effective integration.
second stage:
  Implementation content: Workflow system;
  Implementation objectives: combing and curing the company's daily work processes, to achieve integration of ERP and approval flow
  In July 2011 official implementation of the ERP system on-line operation in July and replace the original production and property systems to achieve the integration of logistics management; the end of 2011 the implementation of the workflow system, and on-line use.
  At present, the Swiss company is deepening the use of workflow.
  Through the ERP system on the line, the company employees in the plan implementation, business operations and post-supervision and management work, its thinking is a kind of leather and new. At the same time, the company's future work carried out, the implementation of business processes norms, is also essential. With the ERP system tools, the early business process to sort out, improve, curing. The original "goat" of the arbitrary operation in the system will be difficult to continue, and then to achieve the purpose of mandatory operation by standard.
  1, the establishment of the Swiss company's basic database:
  (1) to complete the basic data (customers, suppliers, materials, technology, etc.) of the digital, information technology, the establishment and improvement of the enterprise's basic database, so that the ERP system required information to be unified and shared;
  (2) to achieve the integration of information integration management, eliminating the business management, interpersonal barriers between the traditional needs of several steps or several departments to complete the work in the ERP system can be completed once;
  (3) the establishment of the Swiss company for the production characteristics of the BOM system to meet the needs of multi-species, small batch production. Also applies to the Swiss factory in the factory work orders, subordinate work orders, process outsourcing and other ways of production management.
  2, improve the outsourcing management process, improve the efficiency of outsourcing management:
  (1) According to the difficulties of outsourcing management to sort out the process of outsourcing management, from the BOM level, the work order set, according to the entire set of work orders to send control, according to order settlement, record the paycheck orders, Standardize the process.
  (2) through the case of development, control must be the whole set of hair, through the super collar and lack of control, strict control of the supplier's hair and spare materials situation. And through the report from time to time query.
  (3) to grasp the processing costs of outsourcing suppliers, separate work orders and outsourcing of separate management procedures.
  (4) reduced to 1 for outsourced managers.
  3, to strengthen the management of waste
  (1) the rejection rate of products in the electronics industry is often in several key processes, the system established for each product of the key process line, to strengthen the key processes of waste assessment to accurately grasp the actual situation of waste and the reasons To analyze.
  (2) according to different scrapping reasons, developed a different retirement process.
  (3) convenient statistics out of the reasons for the waste and the results of the treatment.
  4, to strengthen the management of inventory to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of inventory:
  (1) through the implementation of the inventory, the company's dead ends, dull materials all cleared out, and classification code finishing, making part of the material to re-play the value of material.
  Inventory management integration greatly reduces the inventory error rate, the end of 2012 inventory inventory accuracy rate of 98% or more.
  At the same time, the integration of inventory management to reduce inventory funds to speed up the cash flow of funds played a positive role, such as: July 2011 on-line inventory of nearly 20 million yuan; the end of February 2012 inventory of 10 million yuan, inventory funds Reduced by more than 40%.
  (2) inventory on-site management practices, warehouses in strict accordance with the work order sets of materials, warehouses in accordance with the classification of ERP to re-sorting. Inventory accuracy increased to more than 98%.
  5, refine the cost accounting and analysis
  (1) the cost of calculation to the calculation by the work order,
  (2) Enhanced cost analysis
  6, the enterprise logistics system needs a variety of resources (human, capital, information, materials, time, methods, etc.) to be optimized configuration.
  Through the implementation of ERP management system, so that the Swiss department of the assessment has been a strong data support, and now most of the employees of the ERP have a rational understanding of the quality of personnel has been generally improved, the management have mastered a certain ERP operation Skills, the initial establishment of a company's own technical service team. At the same time, the business process of enterprises has gradually become more reasonable, greatly reducing the duplication of labor, effectively improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises. For enterprises in the fierce competition in the market has laid a strong foundation!
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